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Bow Roller Bracket

Posted by Richard Lariviere 
Bow Roller Bracket
June 15, 2009 04:56PM
The installation of a bow roller has been problematic for me and it took a while for getting the idea as to how I would solve this problem.
By looking at other T34C installations and by looking at newer boats, I decided to go with the approach described below.
I saw that new boats have a single bracket for both the forestay chainplate and the bow roller support. Why not use the same approach... if it is ok for a newer boat, it is just fine for a T34C.

The idea is to bolt a plate of the forestay chainplate, fold it over the foredeck, fold it again toward the deck and bolt it there, thru the deck.
I also wanted to leave the boat as original as possible and wanted to be able to remove the bracket without having to remove the forestay ( read unmast). That's why I built it like a fork where the existing forestay bracket could remain in place.

I removed the chainplate and used it as a guide for folding the new u shape bracket so that the angle would be the same.

The new bracket is made of 1/4" stainless steel with lots of polishing to get the chrome to the surface.

Future will tell if my idea was good.

Fair wind

Richard Larivière
Ile-Bizard, Quebec
Indian Summer 1, #109
open | download - Bow roller bracket 1.gif (13.8 KB)
open | download - Bow roller bracket 2.gif (11.7 KB)
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Re: Bow Roller Bracket
August 28, 2009 06:24AM
One of this years late projects will be the addition of a windless. What make and model windless are you using on Indian Summer? Is it the windless you would recommend if you were doing a firstime windless project?

Bert Noojin
Kelsey B / Hull 392
Re: Bow Roller Bracket
October 14, 2009 05:24AM
I installed a Lewmar 1000 Profish. It is a horizontal windlass.
I installed that model because I got it for a very good price. I did not shop around.
I have put a SS plate under the deck to reinforce the deck.
I wired it up with AWG #4 wires to the starting battery. While weighting the anchor, I keep the engine running at 1,300 RPM (or so) to help the battery.
I have 100' of chain and 100' of rode. When pulling the 35lbs Bruce anchor, the windlass does a good job but you have to let the boat advance by itself to give it a chance.

Now that I have it installed, I would not go back, it is a very good feature, it allows me to anchor from the cockpit, while sailing alone.
I recommend this project to everyone.
open | download - IMG_0449.JPG (222.9 KB)